Triarchy elevates their sustainability narrative with Green Story

Homepage, product page, emails, and offsetting: learn how Green Story helps Triarchy measure, communicate and offset the impact of their products.

About Triarchy

Triarchy leads the way in sustainable denim manufacturing. The brand uses organic cotton and natural dyes alongside the world’s first plastic-free stretch denim, all washed sustainably using a combination of e-flow, ozone, and lasers to make authentic vintage looking denim without the harmful processes that to date have sadly been a staple in denim manufacturing.

The need

Aware that today’s consumers have evolved beyond the one click purchase and are increasingly demanding transparency – they want to know where a product comes from, where do the textiles originate, who makes it and its impact – Triarchy has taken on this challenge from seed to shelf wanting to show consumers transparency every step of the way.

They wanted to ensure that their sustainability claims were valid and credible and backed by third-party verified data, and how to make their sustainability metrics relatable for their audience and easy to understand. They also wanted to compensate for their products’ carbon footprint and invest in projects that were close to their heart and that could match their supply chain and offered transparency and could help them bring their customers on their sustainability journey.

The solution

Triarchy partnered with Green Story to provide total transparency on to their supply chain by using Know your Impact: from performing a robust analysis using lifecycle assessment methodology to accurately measure the impact of products, to visualising this through interactive data and impact visuals in a way that is easy to understand for their audience. 

In addition, Triarchy is using the Simplizero Ecommerce platform to offset the unavoidable carbon emissions of their products and fund a portfolio of projects that match their supply chains’ location and brand values.

“Green Story has become an invaluable partner for Triarchy by allowing us the ability to concisely and clearly share our production consumption metrics and outputs in a way that is digestible for the end consumer. This is invaluable in trying to get people to understand sustainability and responsible manufacturing. From a brand standpoint these metrics motivate us to see how we can continue to improve as a leader in sustainable denim. In short, Green Story provides the transparency that is needed to be able to use the word sustainability alongside your brand.”
Adam Taubenfligel

Creative Director, Triarchy

The process


The Green Story research team worked alongside the Triarchy team to easily prepare and gather the required supply chain data.


Through careful analysis, the final report showed the environmental footprint (including carbon) of Triarchy’s sustainable supply chains compared to conventional items.


The impact of each individual product was mapped.


The team seamlessly integrated the plug-in into Triarchy’s webshop. From homepage, product pages to their email in order to provide a customer experience all the way to the post purchase consumer experience.


Green Story selected, bought and tracked projects that matched the supply chains and brand values of Triarchy to compensate for the unavoidable carbon emissions of each product.


Ongoing support for assessing supply chain impacts continues.

Features implemented

  • The overall impact of Triarchy’s sourcing is shown to customers on a live counter on their sustainability page, driving home the true impact they are making as a collective. The story on each metric reflects their environmental performance in “actual” metrics (liters of water saved, kg of CO2 emissions avoided, kWh of energy conserved) and “equivalences” (days of drinking water saved, km of driving emissions avoided, hours of bulb energy saved) that consumers can easily relate to.
  • The Green Story team has designed each product page on to showcase customised Know your Impact widgets that tell a story about each specific sustainability metric on a per-product basis.
  • Triarchy also communicate on each product page the amount of their product’s carbon offset and the projects they are funding, so that consumers have full visibility. They also communicate offsetting milestones outside the ecommerce experience via social media, newsletters and emails.
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Find out how Green Story can help you supercharge your sustainability claims

Find out how Green Story can help you supercharge your sustainability credentials