GreenStory - Easy Impact Marketing

Easy to use

Out-of-the-box marketing solution with minimal setup

GreenStory - Affordable Impact Marketing


Full platform access starting at the price of a coffee a day

GreenStory - Integrated Impact Marketing

Integrated Marketing

Engage consumers via digital, social and print media

Green Story

GreenStory - Product Impact Marketing

Consumers love data-centric marketing

We will ensure that you showcase your product’s and event’s sustainability impact in an eye catching and engaging way

GreenStory - Impact Visualization

Easily visualizable metrics right with your product features

GreenStory - Customize impact visuals

Customize visuals as per your brand image

GreenStory - Multiple Impact Designs

Multiple output designs to suit your marketing purpose


Access to all marketing channels

Simple one-click functions allow you to embed, publish and download your impact visuals


GreenStory - Social media

Social media and newsletter publishing

GreenStory - Tradeshow

Gamify events and tradeshows displays


GreenStory - Shopping Cart integration

Shopping cart & customer portal integration

GreenStory - web integration

Digital embedding on company website


GreenStory - Print

Impact visuals on labels and on packaging

GreenStory - Poster Download

Impact visuals for your posters and client presentations


Eco-Friendly product & service marketing

GreenStory - Product sustainability impact

Product sustainability impact

Generate impact infographics to be used on product packaging & labeling and promotion

GreenStory - Embedded web counter

Real-time sustainability counter

Embeddable web-counters to showcase the sustainability impact of your product sales

GreenStory - Sales Tool

Client order sustainability impact

Close sales by showcasing the impact of your client’s order in real-time during sales presentations.

GreenStory - Event impact gamification

Sustainability impact gamification

Engage visitors at tradeshows and online by gamifying your sales to interesting impact related goals


Cause-based event engagement

GreenStory - Event engagement

Volunteer engagement

Empower and engage volunteers through the impact tracking app and ability to share on social media

GreenStory - Event engagement

Live impact event display

Engage participants and volunteers at events by gamifying their efforts towards interesting sustainability goals


GreenStory - Impact analytics

Overwhelmed with doing your own research?

Let us quantify the positive impact of using your sustainable products and services against using conventional ones


GreenStory - Manufacture Impact

Impact from manufacturing

GreenStory - Transport Impact

Impact from transportation

GreenStory - Product Use Impact

Impact during product or service use

Quantify the environmental impact

We estimate your product’s positive impact against conventional ones at each lifecycle stage using sustainability data from credible sources

GreenStory - Visualize

Make it easy for your customer

It’s hard to visualize environmental impact figures like metric tons of carbon. With Green Story, turn your green impact into easily visualized metrics such as trees planted or homes powered


GreenStory - Impact Analytics dashboard

Monitor client engagement

Secure dashboard helps you track consumer engagement across channels and track your own and your client’s sustainability impact

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Jane Kearns

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Ian Yates

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Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund
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About Us

Green Story is an online platform committed to providing impactful marketing and consumer engagement solutions specialized for socially and environmentally responsible companies. Our quick and intuitive platform allows companies to create engaging visuals and marketing material to showcase their impact in a clear, credible and eye-catching manner.

Our platform eliminates greenwashing by ensuring there are no vague claims (green, sustainable etc.) and translating actual impact into believable and relatable information (such as number of cars off the road). Our team is backed up by years of experience in sustainability and analytics, ensuring that you can reach the customers that you want to through achieving your environmental goals.