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Top 5 Highlights from SOCAP17

Image from Sorenson Impact Green Story was fortunate to be invited to SOCAP twice, last year and this year, as one of its select SOCAP entrepreneurs (only 150 are invited from around the world). So did we go for the second year in a row to the most...

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Making A Green Business Card

Uh-oh! We ran out of business cards. In a normal company, this would be a simple matter of reprinting a new set. At Green Story, we try to think through things a bit more deeply. So, we set up really rethinking what the business card meant to us. Do we really need a...

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The Secret To Marketing Green Products

2016 survey shows a 42 percent spike in consumer interest for an eco-friendly product when marketed with sustainability infographics as against basic sustainability information. Introduction At Green Story, our customers who manufacture eco-friendly products have...

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Sharing Is Caring

The Sharing Economy may not be a completely new concept, but it certainly has different manifestations in today’s world, powered by technology. The status quo is changing from ownership of goods and services to sharing these same goods and services supported by online...

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A Drop In The Bucket: Metrics for the Eco-Friendly

Doomsday (or is it?) As many of us know, world temperatures are set to increase on average by the dreaded 2 degree Celsius limit. What this means is an environmental systems failure on a global scale, with much discussed and often disregarded consequences....

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Playing your game

I was at a conference last week and had a few people tell me about how the odds are stacked against social enterprises. Supposedly, their potential customers say it’s great that these companies are doing something good for the world but the same customers...

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Are your customers juggling bowling balls?

I want you to imagine yourself holding a bowling ball. It’s pretty heavy right? Now someone comes along and hands you a second. No sweat. You can hang on to both. But wait, he’s returning with a third one and hands it to you, then a fourth one. At this...

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Why Greenwashing Can Land You in a Lot of Trouble

Making false and misleading claims can land you in a lot of trouble with the Competition Bureau of Canada. The Bureau is taking a particular interest in greenwashing and that can change the industry in a big way. The main point: if you’re saying you’re...

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