251% Rise in Repeat Sales through Impact Metrics

For this green fashion startup with a cause, transparency and visuals doubled conversion and tripled loyalty!
A Green Fashion Startup with a Cause

When Eric and Yana started TAMGA Designs, they went the extra mile to make sure that their fashion line was as sustainable as can be. Problem was conveying the impact of a complex supply chain to their site visitors without confusing them.

And how do they grow as a startup?

By using Green Story’s visuals and metrics to show the positive impact of each product to their online visitors, they increased their credibility in the eyes of their potential customers and doubled conversion!

251% Increase in Loyalty by Building the TAMGA tribe

TAMGA believes in the TAMGA Tribe: committed conscious consumers who look for authenticity. By publishing Green Story’s impact report and using green metrics, TAMGA showed their commitment to being green in an authentic manner and satisfied even the pickiest green customers.