Cause Unites Community: Building Loyalty through Impact Metrics

Can fashion impact the fight for climate change? This was the question that sparked the brand, and TAMGA Designs’ has been part of the solution from day one.
A Green Fashion Startup with a Cause

After witnessing the aftermath of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, founders Eric and Yana decided to create a fashion brand built on sustainability, ethical practices, and transparency. From hand-selecting fabrics for use, developing their own supply chain from scratch, and finding a reputable and sustainable initiative to support, their mission served as the foundation for everything they did.

The question then became: How do you convey the impact of a complex supply chain and the reasons behind it without confusing customers?


After speaking with TAMGA, we knew it was important to entwine clothing with cause, and sustainability with transparency. 

251% Increase in Loyalty by Building the TAMGA tribe

Using Green Story’s metrics and visuals, TAMGA now shares the journey behind their products at every touchpoint with their customers, uniting a community of individuals who care about the quality of the products they buy, and where they come from. Transparency, credibility, and cause contributed to a 251% increase in sales upon implementing our tools, and have continued to grow their brand since.