Pangaia highlights sustainability credentials within their customer experience 

Homepage, product page, emails, and offsetting: Green Story provides a comprehensive set of tools to calculate and communicate Pangaia’s impact

About Pangaia

Founded in 2018, Pangaia has taken the world of sustainable fashion by storm. One of the fastest growing brands in the world, the company uses material science innovation, design breakthroughs and cutting edge technology to create breakthrough functional, sustainable products. They believe in designing a better future. PANGAIA wants every consumer to make sustainable choices without compromising on style.

The Need

PANGAIA has built a strong reputation for sustainability and innovation in a short period of time. The company wanted a partner who could help them quantify the impact of their sustainable innovation. It was important that the partner brings in credibility and bullet proof data. At the same time, they wanted an enhanced user experience that would make this data easily available and understood no matter where or how their customers choose to shop. The brand wanted to build customer loyalty by building a rich, credible experience for customers about their sustainability.

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Solution Green Story

PANGAIA chose to work with Green Story as the platform meets all their needs, including a proven capability for a robust analysis using lifecycle assessment methodology for supply chains. The platform also integrates into PANGAIA’s website and sales channels to communicate the positive environmental impact along the customer purchase journey.

“Green Story are unique in that they offer a complete service for Life Cycle Assessments, that includes valuable support in data collection and analytical expertise but beyond this, integrates the results of these studies into content that is meaningful to our customers and internal teams. For businesses seeking to make a positive difference, Green Story is a valuable partner to have!”

Maria Sbiti

Head of Impact, PANGAIA

Pangaia Process Desktop
Pangaia Process Desktop

Features implemented

PANGAIA takes ownership of its unavoidable emissions and offsets them through projects that make an immediate impact on their supply chain whilst focusing their efforts on minimizing their impacts at the source.

Pangaia Feature 1
Pangaia Feature 2

 The Green Story team has designed each product page to showcase playful customized widgets that tell a story about each specific environmental impact on a per-product basis. For example, for the recycled fibers, the widget shows t-shirts diverted from landfills. For their organic fibers, we talk about square meters of land farmed without pesticides.

The overall impact of PANGAIA’s sourcing is shown to customers on a live counter on their
sustainability page, driving home the true impact they are making as a collective.

Pangaia Feature 3

Green Story have become integral partners in our goals to building an Earth Positive business. Our customers value the information we share on environmental savings thanks to Green Story, and we use the results of our work together to inform internal strategic decisions to reduce our footprint and improve our resource use and conservation. The team is always a pleasure to work with, solution oriented and creative in their approaches.

Maria Sbiti

Head of Impact, Pangaia