BraveSoles: Stepping into sustainability metrics

Using impact metrics increased conversion and repeat business for this online business!

BraveSoles mission and product set them apart from the beginning: beautiful sandals made exclusively from used tires and leathers to avoid synthetics and new materials.

Selling a product made from upcycled materials not only created differentiation, but also put them a step above competing brands.

While they had a product that was environmentally friendly and ethical, they needed a way to show the consumer exactly how they were different and what their impact looked like.


When Green Story began working with BraveSoles, we embedded interactive metrics throughout their website, from the homepage, to cart, and finally, at checkout.

The goal was to show impact at every part of the consumer journey to highlight how BraveSole’s materials, manufacturing, and final product positively contribute to the environment. 

BraveSoles saw an 87% increase in conversion rate and an 85% increase in repeat customers after adding Green Story’s metrics to their website and continue to grow their business alongside their sales and sustainability goals.