Our Story

How do we tip the scale from an unsustainable economy to a green economy?

Our History

This was the question asked by Green Story founders Akhil Sivanandan and Navodit Babel in 2015.


With a combined 20 years in sustainable market analysis and business development experience, Akhil and Navodit were passionate about sustainability and yet frustrated in their search for green products and services. Climate change data clearly indicated that switching to a green economy was imperative and facilitating that switch demanded wide-spread adoption of greener, socially responsible choices at both the consumer and corporate level. Yet, every year Akhil and Navodit watched as companies began with strong environmental or social goals and then slowly stagnated or sacrificed their seemingly non-financial mission in order to simply stay afloat. The traditional single bottom line approach was clearly limiting companies’ ability to gain long term value from environmental and social considerations.

Akhil and Navodit envisioned creating a level playing field for companies with green and social products. They would demonstrate the long-term value of these sustainable products by connecting the consumer with the positive impact of their purchase. The consumer would leave the transaction with the feeling of making a difference. And by demonstrating, through sound research and data-driven visuals, the long-term value of green products, companies would finally be able to compete with conventional products in the short term. It was from here that Green Story was born.

Green Story’s embeddable calculators and sharable graphics are flexible marketing tools that translate the tangible data of LCI reports into digestible, engaging digital content. The creation of a customized and repeatable asset suite blends seamlessly into a client’s digital sales funnel and helps their customers identify, trust and ultimately buy sustainable products. By providing a simple and flexible impact marketing platform, Green Story is bringing a sustainable way of doing business into the mainstream.

The Founders

Akhil focuses on business development and marketing at Green Story. With over 8 years experience in the field, Akhil is a recognized expert in sustainability and renewable energy with a particular focus on market analysis. Akhil is an accomplished speaker whose work has been quoted in multiple publications such as the New York Times. He has worked on climate change initiatives with the Ontario Government, developing carbon offset programs and Cap and Trade legislation for the Ministry of Environment, on sustainability projects for companies such as Philips Lighting, and with Hydro One on merger and acquisition projects valued at over $200 million. He received his MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto in 2013 and his Global Reporting Initiative GRI G4 certification on sustainability reporting principles in 2014.

Navodit oversees the Green Story platform development and impact analysis. Navodit has over 10 years of experience in management consulting and product management with global corporations. His analysis skills led him to graduate in the top 10% of his MBA class at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. Prior to his MBA, Navodit worked at Sapient in a tech consulting role and successfully developed, and sold, an AI systems company. As a consultant at Capco, Navodit led the Toronto office’s sustainability initiative towards becoming carbon neutral and performed carbon footprint and social contribution analysis to publish the office’s first sustainability report. Navodit received his Global Reporting Initiative GRI G4 certification on sustainability reporting principles in 2014.

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