Ungalli: Raising $60,000

A Kickstarter campaign for a green fashion company focused on impact metrics and visuals
“Green Story has added immense value and legitimacy to our sales. Our customers have told us that they love to see the difference their purchase makes in real world terms.”

– Hailey Hollinsworth, Founder and CMO, Ungalli Clothing Co.


Ungalli (www.ungalli.com) is a Canadian Clothing brand that designs and produces clothes from 100% recycled and repurposed sustainable materials including recycled water bottles and organic cotton.

The Goal

As part of the launch of their new eco-friendly joggers clothing line, the founders of Ungalli wanted to raise $60,000 on Kickstarter. As keen environmentalists, they wanted to make sure their customers knew that they were making a positive environmental impact!

Step 1: Calculating their impact

We looked at the impact of their 50% recycled PET and 50% organic cotton joggers, and compared it against conventional joggers. By analyzing their supply chain and developing comparisons at each point, we were able to calculate the emissions, water, energy and waste savings they had by greening their supply chain. For example, simply switching from normal cotton to organic saved over 100 litres of water per jogger!

Step 2: Visualizing the impact of each package

By working with their marketing team and our own designers, we were able to create easy to understand visuals for their impact, and embed into their marketing assets. This meant that potential backers could quickly understand the impact of each level of backing without needing to know what a metric ton of CO2e was! To make it even easier, we added in a little calculator so backers could see the exact impact of their purchase.

Step 3: Engaging consumers online

In the age of social media, it’s important to let your customers talk about you. That’s why we included the impact snapshot widget with our calculator for Ungalli. Not only could backers see the impact of their purchase, but at a click of a button, they could share (and brag about) it on social media.

  • Metrics were the main reason I backed Ungalli 36%
  • Metrics were an important reason I backed Ungalli 62%
  • Undecided 1%
  • Metrics were not important 0%

The result: 101% funded Kickstarter!

What’s more, almost every backer identified the impact metrics as either an important or the most important factor in them deciding to back the project on Kickstarter. By providing impact metrics in a clear, intuitive and engaging way, Ungalli was able to convert their website visitors to buyers and plug the say-do gap!

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