We use a 3 step process to determine environmental and social impacts and showcase it to your customers.

Step 1: Analyse

Using our algorithms, databases and your own pre-existing data, we are able to calculate the social and environmental footprint of your products or services. We analyse your supply chain to determine how you differ from the industry and competition. By doing this, we are able to provide scientific comparative metrics on the positive impact your customers have by choosing your green products and services.

Step 2: Visualize

Once we have the complex scientific metrics, we make it easy to understand. Our platform generates a visual shorthand for your customers by showing the impact of your products and services through an intuitive visual shorthand. Most consumers just take 7 seconds to scan an item, we want to make sure that they understand your positive impact in those 7 seconds!

Step 3: Engage

The visuals are great, but we got a step further, and through our interactive widgets, we engage customers on your website. These include calculators, counters, and personalized gamification. Customers can see the impact they make every step of the way and they get nudged to exploring more of your site and the positive impact you have.

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