How we work

Using credible research and our online store plug-in, Green Story increases a company’s consumer engagement and customer retention. Our system showcases your positive environmental and social impact through intuitive visuals and metrics.

We’ve done the research and this is what it shows: consumers want to buy sustainable products. With an average browse time of 7 seconds per product, what consumers need to make that purchase is trust and clear messaging on their positive impact. Green Story shows your customers the impact they make by buying from you, in a clear, relatable, credible manner. Our clients have seen their online conversions and retention double.

Step 1: Analyse

Using our algorithms, databases and your own pre-existing data, we calculate the footprint of your products or services. We analyse your supply chain and compare it against the industry to provide scientific, verifiable metrics on the positive impact your customers have by choosing you.

Step 2: Visualize

Once we have the complex scientific metrics, we make it easy to understand. The Green Story platform generates relatable visuals for your customers. Most consumers just take 7 seconds to scan an item, we want to make sure that they understand your positive impact in those slim 7 seconds!

Step 3: Engage

The visuals are great, but we go a step further. Through our customized interactive calculators, counters and widgets, we engage customers on your website. Customers can see the impact they make every step of the way and they get nudged to make a positive impact through you!

Our features

Interactive Impact Calculator

Post purchase impact email

Wholesale Reporting Platform

Real Time Sales Impact Calculator

Goal Campaign Implementation

Shopping Cart Integration

Social Media Sharing Button

Product Impact Metrics

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