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What’s the best green fabric? In our latest guide, we’ve looked at 8 of the most popular green fabrics: Tencel, organic cotton, linen, recycled wool, recycled polyester, bamboo, cork and hemp. Each fabric has been scored across 5 criteria for ecofriendliness and practical usage. A must have for any eco-friendly fashion company, or anyone interested in the green fashion space.

As a green company, you want your audience to understand the impact of your product or service. Through extensive research and by utilizing behavioural science principles, we’re gathered 11 tactics that you can implement to tell your story with authenticity, make it relatable, and show transparency to your customers.

What does it take to be an authentic green company? This guide will help you figure out where you are on the road of being green, how to align your company with your green dreams and take the steps to achieve them.
You’ll get an overview on how you can define a green company, the steps you’ll need to get there, and the tools you can use.

Looking green, or more commonly known as greenwashing, is the antithesis to authentic marketing. At its core greenwashing is an attempt to convince customers that a product, service or brand is more environmentally friendly than it really is. How can you avoid that as a company, and what are the things you should look out for? This book gives some easy to understand tips and tricks.

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Our Ebooks.

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