A Green Story Webinar Series

Assessing your Product’s Impact: A Fireside Chat with LCA Pioneer Dr. Muthu

An Insider Interview

To kick things off, tune in to a one-on-one session with Dr. Muthu, the author of 96 scientific books including the Handbook on Sustainable Apparel Production, to dive deep into impact assessments, data and what measuring your products’ impact really means.
Dr. Kannan Muthu

Dr. Kannan Muthu

Head of Sustainability, SgT Group

Dr. Muthu is the Head of Sustainability of SgT, the textile quality specialist within the WORMS SAFTEY Alliance, the first global alliance of safety and quality management specialists. With a PhD in Textile Sustainability, Dr. Muthu is a Textile Technologist and has published 96 scientific books and 100 research articles. He has over 12 years of experience in environmental and chemical sustainability and has supported hundreds of factories and international leading brands’ supply chain. He’s one of the Higg Index’s initial contributors and today’s one of the few Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) approved FEM trainers and verifiers in the world.
Anitta Toma

Anitta Toma

Senior Researcher and LCA Analyst, Green Story

Anitta is the Senior Researcher and LCA Analyst at Green Story. Using LCA methodologies, Anitta uncovers the environmental impacts of a company’s supply chains and compares it against conventional supply chains. Anitta comes with a strong background in research and sustainability, specializing in consumer behaviour towards ethical and sustainable practices.

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