Customer Stories

See how pioneering sustainable brands found solutions with Green Story that enable them to measure and communicate their impact, and offset the carbon footprint of their products.


Highlighting sustainability within their customer experience

“Green Story have become integral partners in our goals to building an Earth Positive business.”

Maria Sbiti, Head of Impact

+107% increase in online conversion rates

Hailey Hollinsworth, CMO

“Green Story adds immense value and legitimacy to our story – customers tell us they love to see the difference their purchase makes in real world terms.”

Tamga Designs Logo
+251% increase in repeat sales

Eric Dales, Co-Founder

“Green Story has helped our customers understand the impact of being part of the TAMGA Tribe. They get to see their impact using credible data that’s easily understood. Customers love seeing the difference they can make, and we’re seeing a bump in conversion and loyalty.”

Brave Soles
+85% repeat sales online

Christal Earle, CEO

“People comment on the impact visuals all the time. For many, seeing the impact of their purchase is where the magic happens. They tell us it’s a deal-maker.”

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