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What better way to describe the impact of Green Story than to hear it right from the source! Check out our case studies below for insight on how our metrics have dramatically shifted our clients’ businesses.

Ungalli Clothing: +107% increase in online conversion rates

Ungalli Clothing: +107% increase in online conversion rates

Hailey Hollinsworth, CMO

Once Green Story visuals showed visitors the positive impact of each product throughout the site—upon selection, in the cart, and at checkout—conversion more than doubled, from 0.8% to 1.7%

TAMGA Designs: +251% increase in repeat sales

TAMGA Designs: +251% increase in repeat sales

Eric Dales, Co-Founder

By publishing Green Story’s metrics, TAMGA showed their commitment to being green in an authentic manner for even the pickiest free customers. The result: 251% increase in loyalty and 99% increase in online conversion.

BraveSoles: +85% repeat sales online

BraveSoles: +85% repeat sales online

Christal Earle, CEO

Green Story embedded interactive metrics throughout, including cart and checkout. Now visitors see their impact at every touch point. Results: 87% increase in online conversion and 85% increase in repeat customers.

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