Take a moment. Think back to February 3, 2020. What was your general sentiment for the year and decade to come? For the most part, a year ago, there was excitement in the air as we dawned on a new decade full of possibility. But within three months, an infectious virus ravaged the world we knew and confined us to our homes indefinitely. I’m sure many of you would not want to relive 2020, so I won’t go into details, but to say the least 2020 marked a new low, making 2021 a year of possibility.

The pandemic, and the time it gave us to think, made it apparent that we were doing things all wrong. From the way we treated the environment to the racial issues that were revealed, we weren’t living empathetically. At Green Story, we thought deeply about the impact we are making on our planet. Despite everything, through our clients we managed to offset 174,761kg in 2020. We’re proud to work with pioneer eco-fashion brands to bring sustainability to the top of everyone’s list of priorities, but we thought “what could WE do, as an organization?”

What is our impact?

As an organization we seek to help people make greener choices by changing the way businesses portray themselves to their consumers. We’ve focused on bringing sustainability to life for eco-fashion brands, but brands are made of people and people have carbon footprints. In fact, it became evident through our research that Canada, where our headquarters is, has the largest carbon footprint per capita. Our next steps became crystal clear – we need to be carbon neutral as an organization.

So, we spent the last couple of weeks calculating the emissions associated with our operations. The philosophy we apply to eco-fashion brands, to reduce emissions and then offset the unavoidable, didn’t work for us. We’re a lean team, working remotely with next to zero travel; we cannot possibly reduce the footprint of our operation without working in the dark. So, we opted to offset through SimpliZero, our carbon offsetting platform for individuals

How we’re making a positive impact

Not only does carbon offsetting allow us to have a positive environmental impact, but it also provides funding to projects that help ensure a better future for communities around the world. There was an array of projects for us to select from but choosing the right one was important to us. Our vision is to secure a cleaner and greener future, so we opted for a renewable energy project in the country notorious for the highest carbon emissions, China. Verified by Gold Standard, the project seeks to provide clean, wind energy to the Northwest China power grid. Through the establishment of the wind farm, not only are we decreasing our future reliance on fossil fuels, but also creating jobs for several local community members. The benefits of this project are long-lasting, guaranteed and most importantly, environmentally friendly!

Our mission, as an organization, has been to encourage every customer to ask themselves, “what’s my impact?” before making a purchase. We’ve realized that’s not enough to secure clean skies and a green Earth. We need everyone to ask themselves this question on a daily basis, and act on it. As Ayca Alkan, Green Story’s Supply Chain Researcher, so aptly put it, “I always felt like I had a constantly increasing debt. I think of offsetting as a way to pay back my debt.” We’re proud to say that we’re climate positive now!