We’re ditching the swag and off-setting carbon instead.

Swag and conferences are like peanut butter and jelly. Hard to imagine one without the other, right? But times are changing and a new normal is emerging.

We’ve written on the major environmental impacts of swag handed out at conferences in an earlier blog. Can you believe that a typical conference generates 80 lbs of wood waste through swag alone?!

At the end of a conference, most of that swag, whether paper or plastic, generally winds up in the garbage. Tossed aside at home or the office. So while handing out goodies is great for getting people’s attention, that attention is seriously short lived and ultimately making our environmental woes worse.

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From now on our swag is all about positive impact.

This year we’re attending Sustainable Brands Vancouver 2018 and we’re super excited. BUT we also recognize that participating in a conference has huge environmental impacts. Swag alone, for a typical 2 day conference, generates 150 lbs of CO2 emissions. And SBVan is 4 days. Yikes.

Swag alone, for a typical 2 day conference, generates 150 lbs of CO2 emissions. Let’s ditch the swag & embrace the carbon offsets instead! (tweet me!)

We’ve thought long and hard about how to go anti-swag. How do we reduce our impact and give attendees a fun experience at our booth?

We researched recycled plastic pens, bamboo toothbrushes, post-consumer content note pads and a whole number of green swag alternatives.

But in the end, it always came back to the same reality: swag becomes garbage and we wanted something that made a positive, long-term impact.

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If You’re Anti-Swag Then What’s the Alternative?

Carbon Offsets.

That’s right, we have swapped out swag for carbon offsets. For every attendee at our booth at SBVan2018 (and all our conferences going forward) we will purchase 10 kgs of carbon offsets.

Not only would this help reduce our collective travel emissions but we’ll be able to track the data! (We love impact data tracking.)

By working with our carbon offset partners, we’ll be able to track the impact of our conferencing and, here’s the best part, we’ll get to share that with our community.

And that’s good green marketing.

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Our goal at SBVan2018 is to offset 10 tons of CO2e with your help!

These 10 tons will offset roughly 16 flight trips between New York and Vancouver.

Want to help? And all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter here.

Yup, that’s it.

I just signed up for Green Story’s newsletter & automatically offset 10kg of CO2e! Help Green Story reach their goal of 10 tons of carbon offsets = 16 flights between New York & Vancouver. Sign Up Now! (tweet me!)

We’ll buy the offsets on your behalf at the end of the conference. Keep an eye on your inbox. We’ll be sending you an email with updates and information after the event!

Carbon offsets has become our answer to garbage-producing swag but it’s likely not the only answer. Has your brand discovered another anti-swag alternative? Tweet us your ideas! We want to know your green conferencing ideas!